Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU 12-Foot Propane Hose Assembly #F273702

This 12-foot hose assembly is one of Mr. Heater’s most popular hoses. It connects appliances designed for disposable propane cylinder to a 20-pound cylinder. It includes a hand tighten swivel on both ends. This hose can be used with Mr. Heater’s Portable Buddy and
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Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor-Safe Propane Heater

The little buddy is a 3,800 BTU portable, indoor safe radiant heater for a space up to 100 square feet. It uses a one-button ignition/on functions. Safety features include a tip over switch that will shut the heater off if it gets knocked over and a low oxygen sensor that shuts the heater off when oxygen levels in the room get too low. The pilot design will also shut the heater off completely if the pilot light goes out. This heater will run for up to 5-1/2 hours on a one pound cylinder. Clean burning and nearly 100% efficient. CSA approved and factory tested with a one year warranty. Tank not
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Water Heater Portable Coffee Immersion Dual Voltage Beverage Heat

Great for heating water or beverages while traveling. Tucks into your suitcase or pack. Boils water for instant coffee, tea, and soups. Automatic 110V/220V dual voltage for worldwide international use. The immersion heater automatically adjusts to the voltage of the power supply. One time only safety cutoff switch shuts power off permanently if container boils dry or if heater is removed from liquid before being unplugged. The 110V and cord plug is for use in North America, or can be used with the correct adapter overseas. Will take longer to heat water in 110V countries. The 220V for 220V countries. Comes with detailed instructions, and a 37″ cord.

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Travel Water Heater Kettle for Car

Travel Car Kettle features an adapter plug that fits in your cigarette lighter allowing you the freedom to have tea or coffee any time and anywhere

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Camco 11673 6 Gallon RV Hot Water Hybrid Heater

Camco 6 Gallon RV Hot Water Hybrid Heater is designed to convert any RV LP gas water heater to 120v electricity on demand. It conserves the propane by using electricity to heat the water. This heater has a Heating cartridge made of high-quality stainless steel to heat the water to temperatures ranging from 90 degrees to 150 degrees F. It includes on off power switch with mounting bracket and fully adjustable thermostat. This heater contains all necessary power cords and color-coded wire assemblies. It is factory preset to 120 degrees F.

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Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower

Endless hot water, in a FLASH! LP – powered Portable Tankless Water Heater. Hot water, instantly and exactly where you need it! Great for camping, cabin use, washing boats and cars, etc. Switch this Heater on and an intense flame instantly heats the water as it passes through. There’s no reservoir to deplete like at home, as long as you feed water in, HOT water is coming out! Battery ignition starts flame ONLY when water is running, no overheating! Delivers 1 gallon of hot water per minute Adjustable water temp from 80 to 150 degrees F; Adapter attaches to any standard garden hose style nozzle Shower nozzle with on / off control Includes hose and regulator for attaching to standard LP tank; For outdoor use only; Folding handles; Uses 2 D

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ZODI Outback Gear Fire Coil Water Heater

Zodi Fire Coil delivers hot water with just a campfire. Just connect Fire Coil between an elevated water jug full of water and an empty water jug below the elevated water jug. Then place coil in campfire. Water flows from elevated jug through the HOT coil and into lower empty water jug. For really hot water just repeat sequence. The Fire Coil is lightweight, compact and great for heating solar showers at night. (Water jugs not included.)

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Coleman Hot Water-On-Demand Portable Water Heater

Hot Water on Demand Portable Water Heater

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Mr. Heater F276172 1-Pound Disposable Propane Tank Refill Adapter

Refill Adapter, Allows You To Refill A LB Cylinder From A 20 LB Tank.

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Coleman BlackCat Portable Catalytic Heater

BlackCat Perfectemp, Catalytic Heater, 3,000 BTU Output Operates Up To 7 HRS On One 16.4 OZ Propane Cylinder, Adjustable High/Low Temperature Setting, Compact Legs Integrate Into Collar For Easy Storage, Portable Easy To Grip Handle For Convenient Carrying, Provides Comfortable, Efficient Warmth Whether Outdoors Or In Spaces Like A Tent Or Home, Cylinder Not Included.

Sale Price:$55.95

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